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ATCH Western Hills So What? RS-E-SP JS-E-SP DNA-VP
(70 points GS-E-SP, Jumpers +70, Regular +80, 1 leg CD, 1 leg RN)

  Ziva... we knew her name long before she was actually born. This little red girl has a long story that which began about 2 years ago when Heidi Mobley and I started writing emails.
I'm pretty sure Heidi was wondering about this crazy German girls asking about her breeding plans with Sugar ;-) And even asked her several times, if maybe George would be a suitable partner for Sugar's babies... Standfoto rechts
In early 2011 Heidi made her plans - Sugar X George - and my girl "Ziva" was planned to be born end of 2012. Well, Sugar actually had different plans ;-) And so it was getting exciting in July 2011. We watched the Webcam every possible minute!
After long nights and a Saturnday in front of the computer Sugar's puppies were finally born... what a wonderful moment it was when there was a little beautiful marked red-bi girl was born as the eighth and last puppy of this litter!
And as my little girl was ment to have her tail left on, Heidi and I decided after only one day that this red puppy will be called Ziva and fly over to Germany!
Heidi, I can't stop thanking you enough for sending this little and so wonderful girl, my "dream-come-true", to live with us! THANKS!
Standfoto rechts DOB: 23.07.2011
eyes: amber; cleared
HSF4-cataracts: clear by parentage
prcd-PRA: N/N (free, no carrier)
CEA/CH: free, no carrier
MDR1: N/N (free, no carrier)
hips: A1 (=OFA exc.), elbows normal
shoulders/patella lux. free
height: 19,5"; weight: 38 pounds
tail: long; teeth: correct scissor bite
Ziva has matured into a very nice little girl. She is all I wanted and all I could have wished for! She has an enormous natural talent for agility and is biddable and fast in training. She also now thinks that Obedience can be fun (running still is her favorite thing, though *g*) and if her handler gets some training she willl get better in herding, too!
Structurally she is very sound and exactly what I like: compact, nice angulations, enduring gait but also very agile and can turn on the spot. She is moderate in all aspects and just a joy to look at.
Ziva finished her ATCH as the 8th dog in Europe and by far the youngest!
And she got invited for ASCA Nationals 2016 as #37 Standard finalist. She is the first dog ever from Europe to acheive this!!

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