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About or kennel "Swirling Brook Australian Shepherds"

We live in a small town near Muenich with a view on the alps. I named my kennel after the small creek that was right next to our old house called "Swirling Brook".

We have three dogs: the Australian Shepherd females Zoe, Lynn and Ziva.

Zoe after a walk in the "swirling brook"

My goal for breeding is to produce healty allrounders with strong will-to-please and good breedtype who are a real pleasure for normal life and for dogsports.
I don't breed for show wins but for dogs that are relieable partners and close team mates.
The things that count most for me is character and health. I've seen quite too many Aussies that are a burden to carry, not a joy to live with...
I'm not doing line breedings and I'm not specialized in any direction. I will pick the dog that will compliment the strenghts and weaknesses of my female the best way possible. Breedtype is also important.
As I am quite active in dog sports like Agility and Obedience, naturally this is a strong focus in my breedings. But again, I won't specialize. I want my dogs to be capable to do it all.
My ideal Australian Shepherd is a loyal partner, eager to work and with much will to please.
If you have any questions please give me a call, send me an eMail or write a little note into my guestbook. I'm really looking forward hearing from you.
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