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Swirling Brook's Check-Raise DNA-VP
Teddy was the second born puppy from our litter in March 2009. We were hoping for a solid boy so we could keep a Walker-son for our future breeding.
And then came Teddy - from the moment he was born I was thrilled about this little guy with he head of his daddy, his compact buildt body and his dark and rich color!
Teddy is living with his full brother Balou with Marianne near Munich. Marianne was already very happy with Balou and with a few discussions, pictures now Teddy joins the family ;-)
DOB: 03/16/2009
black-bi, red-factored
eyes: brown; clear
HSF4-cataracts: clear by parentage
height: 56 cm; weight: 21 kg; tail: long, not docked
MDR1: +/+ (free, no carrier)
teeth: correct scissors
CA Sharp Pedigree evaluation, COI: 8,4%
HD: B1 (OFA good); ED: 0 (normal)
We are looking forward to Teddy's development and will keep you posted with updates! He is available for stud (ASCA registered only). If you are interested, please send us an email.

Some of Teddy's offspring:

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