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Welcome at the Australian Shepherd kennel of "Swirling Brook"

"Beauty is an important aspect that is seen at many dogshows. With an Aussie one should more have an eye on the ability to work than the looks."
Ernest Hartnagle (Las Rocosa)


The greatest aim of this kennel is to keep and strengthen the intelligence and natural type of the breed.

Character traits such as attitude, intelligence, a strong "will to please" and also an "easy-to-live-with"-temperament, together with a good health and genetical low risks, are the most important aspects for me in breeding Aussies - I will not limit my dogs to their exterior and the achievements in the showring.

If you have any questions about my goal in breeding and my breeding methods, please write me an email of leave a message in our guestbook. I will try to answer as quickly as possible.

Ziva finished her ATCH! And she got invited to Nationals 2016, as the first dog ever from Europe!!!

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