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Our boys

  We are co-owners of several great boys. They are not living with us at our house but are available for breeding: our offsping Teddy and our lovely boy Jeffrey. Balou and Mattie are already retired from stud service.
Teddy and Jeffrey are standing at stud for selected outside females. Please write us an email if you are interested!
Currently at stud
Swirling Brook's Check-Raise DNA-VP
black-bi /w, *03/09, HD B1, ED 0, eyes clear, COI=8,4%
Teddy is a full brother to Balou. He is living with Marianne Borbe near Munich, too.
Malpaso's Heart of a Lion (ASCA + AKC registered)
red-merle c/w, *12/10, HD A1, ED 0, eyes clear, COI=6,4%
Jeffrey came to us from overseas. He lives with Evelin, Daniel and his big brother Mattie near Hannover.
Swirling Brook's Pitcher Plant DNA-VP
blue-merle c/w, *02/06, HD A2, ED 0, eyes clear, COI=8,4%
Balou is a son of Walker and our Lynn. He is living with Marianne Borbe near Munich.
Swirling Brook's Mad Hatter DNA-VP
blue-merle c/w, *03/08, HD A1, ED 0, eyes clear, COI=8,25%
Mattie is a son of Boo and Lynn. He enjoys life with Evelin and Daniel together with Jeffrey near Hannover.
In Memory
HOF Spring Fever's Walk About STDsc OTDd DNA-CP JHDs HS
red-bi, *02/00, OFA good, ED 0, eyes clear, COI=3,5%
Walker came to us from Canada at the age of 5 and is now living with his new owner Nadya Klarmann (CJ-Aussies).
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