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Our offspring from March, 16th 2009

These are the pictures from our litter born on March, 16th 2009 out of Lynn and Walker (Pedigree). All puppies have full scissor bite, are MDR1 +/+, clear of HSF4 cataracts (by parentage) and had their eye checks with 6 weeks.

Thanks to all families, giving our pups such a wonderful new home!

Swirling Brook's Heads Up - "Jamie"
black-tri male
Swirling Brook's Check-Raise - "Teddy"
black-bi male
Jamie went to live with Susanne, Jan and Danny. He is the second Swirling Brook Aussie in the family. Teddy has a lot of fun with his full brother Balou.
Teddy has his own page!
HD/ED free, eyes not clear HD/ED free, eyes clear

Swirling Brook's Catch Perfect - "Jazz"
blue-merle c/w female - spayed
Swirling Brook's No-Limit ASCA GV-N JV-E FCI HWT-1 ÖKV BGH-1 - "Polly"
blue-merle /w female
Jazz is living with Susanne, Marie and Harald. She will do Obedience and Agility when she is older. After a long wait, Polly went to live with Jana in Austria. She is trained in herding, agility and obedience.
HD/ED free, eyes clear HD/ED free, eyes clear

Swirling Brook's Full House - "Fletcher"
blue-merle c/w male
Swirling Brook's Royal Flush VDH BHAD RH-Fl A DTK BHP-G - "Roy"- black-tri male
Fletcher is living with Wolfgang, Sigrid und Steffi. He will do Agility and SAR when he's grown up. Roy moved to Gabriele. He is trained for SAR and has Appenzeller Justin as his best friend.
HD/ED free, eyes clear HD/ED free, eyes clear

Swirling Brook's Runner-Runner - "Cody"
black-tri male
Swirling Brook's Texas Hold'em - "Tex"
black-bi male
Cody is now living with Carina and family. He is visiting puppy classes and will do all kinds of sports. Tex is the center of Stefanie's family with her three daughters. He will be doing Agility later.
HD/ED free, eyes clear HD/ED free

Swirling Brook's Eight Or Better - "Betty"
black-tri female
After a long wait, Betty went to live with family Renz. She is doing puppy classes and maybe Obedience later on.
HD/ED free, eyes clear


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