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Our offspring from March, 23rd 2008

These are the pictures from our litter born on March, 23rd 2008 out of Lynn and Boo (Pedigree). All puppies have full scissor bite, are MDR1 +/+, clear of HSF4 cataracts (by parentage) and had their eye checks with 6 weeks.

Thanks to all families, giving our pups such a wonderful new home!

Swirling Brook's Tweedledee - "Malika"
black-tri female
Swirling Brook's Tweedledum - "Jette"
black-tri female
Malika will bring fun to the lives of Marion and Michael. She'll do dogdance and clicker training. Jette is now living at Sarah, Dominik and Hannah's place. Sarah wants to do Obedience and Agility with her.
HD/ED free, eyes: rests of Arteria hyaloidea on both sides HD/ED free, eyes: mild PPM

Swirling Brook's Humpty Dumpty
"Jason" - blue-merle male
Swirling Brook's Mad Hatter - "Mattie"
blue-merle male
Jason went to live in Switzerland with Moni, Sandro and the family. He'll have lots of things to do... Mattie is the new family member of Evelin and Daniel.
Mattie has his own site.
HD/ED free, eyes clear HD/ED free, eyes clear

Swirling Brook's Tiger Lily VDH BH
"Lilly" - blue-merle female
Swirling Brook's Caucus Race - "Cassy"
black-tri female
Lilly will be the new buddy of half-sister Rosie, living with the Esslinger family. She'll be doing Obedience and Agility. Cassy is now living with Anna. She'll be doing Agility and Obedience and has much fun.
HD/ED free HD/ED free, eyes: mild PPM


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