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Our offspring from Feburary, 17th 2006

These are the pictures from our litter born on Feburary, 17th 2006 out of Lynn and Walker (Pedigree). All puppies have full scissor bite, are MDR1 +/+, clear of HSF4 cataracts (by parentage) and had their eye checks with 6 weeks.

Thanks to all families, giving our pups such a wonderful new home!

Swirling Brook's Mayflower DNA-VP
"May"- black-bi /w female
Swirling Brook's Prairie Crocus ASCA UD ODX RNX RS-E JS-E GS-O STDsc DNA-VP VDH BH OB-2
"Shirley" - blue-merle /w female
May was living with Conni and her family. She died from a protracted heart muscle inflammation. Shirley now lives with Katharina, Lisa, Thorsten, Daniela and Jona.
Shirley has her own page!
HD/ED free, eyes clear HD/ED/OCD free, eyes clear

Swirling Brook's Blue Flag - "Blue"
blue-merle /w male
Swirling Brook's Pitcher Plant DNA-VP
"Balou" - blue-merle c/w male
Blue is accompanying Nicola and Kai and is really looking for the walking trips when he is grown up! Balou went to Marianne and her children after they waited for a long time!
Balou has his own page!
HD/ED free, eyes clear HD/ED free, eyes clear

Swirling Brook's Wild Rose VDH BH
"Rosie" - black-bi /w female
Swirling Brook's Purple Violet - "Amy"
blue-merle c/w female
Rosie found her new home with family Esslinger and will be doing all kinds of sports, just what she likes. Amy lives with Caro. She is accompanying the horses and keeping herself fit with Agility and some Obedience.
HD/ED free, eyes clear HD/ED free, eyes clear


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