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Our offspring from June, 1st 2004

These are the picture from our litter born on June, 1st 2004 out of Zoe and Skeeter (Pedigree). All puppies had their eye checks with 6 weeks and are clear. They also all have a correct scissors bite!

Thanks to all families, giving our pups such a wonderful new home!

Swirling Brook's Mack The Knife - "Mogli"
black-tri male
Swirling Brook's Smokey Joe
"Guinness" - black-tri male - neutered
Mogli lives with Melanie and is trained in Agility and helps her as a therapy dog during her daily work. Guinness lives with Sandra and Patrick together with Dana and Jordy. He does Agility, Obedience and Tracking.
HD/ED free, eyes clear HD/ED free, eyes clear

Swirling Brook's Give It Away VDH BH
"Ginnie" - blue-merle female
Swirling Brook's 1 For My Baby - "Askja"
black-tri female
Ginnie lived with Sarah and her family not far from us. She accompanied her horse rides and excelled in Obedience. Askja lives with Sabine, Jana, Heaven, Dusty and Andy and is trained in Agility, Obedience and SAR.
moderate HD, ED free, eyes clear
*01.06.2004 - +18.08.2011
HD/ED free, eyes clear

Swirling Brook's She's The Most - "Lucy"
blue-merle female
Swirling Brook's Mr. Bojangles VDH BH
"Louie" - blue-merle male - neutred
Lucy has fun with Conny, Thomas and Laura in Austria. She knows lots of tricks, does Agility and some herding! Louie lives with Irmgard and Kurt with Aussiemale Balu close to our place and is trained in Agility and Obedience.
HD/ED free, eyes clear HD free, eyes clear

Swirling Brook's Take Good Care - "Juno"
black-tri male
Swirling Brook's Hollywood Diva DNA-VP
"Diva" - black-tri female
Juno lives with Petra and Edwin and is does Agility and Turnierhundesport.
MDR1: +/+ (free, no carrier)
Divchen lives with Katrin and family together with Aussie Momo and does Agility. MDR1: +/+ (free, no carrier)
HD/ED free, eyes clear HD/ED free, eyes clear


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