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Malpaso's Heart of a Lion
Evelin and I were looking for quite a while for a puppy in the States. Unfortunately, we were never lucky enough - either there were no male puppies in the litter or the female didn't get pregnant etc. And then Jeffrey came...
I already spotted the little boy on pictures in the Internet and I instantly thought: "Well, he must have been already placed". But he wasn't.
As Jeffrey was 8 weeks old, I got an email asking if we might still be searching for a puppy with cute pictures of "Aslan" - many thanks to Katharina and Silvia. And after short two days of considering, the little boy was on his plane to Germany ;-)
DOB: 12/21/2010
red-merle c/w
eyes: amber; clear
HSF4-cataracts: clear by parentage
height: 56 cm; weight: 25 kg
tail: long/docked
MDR1: +/+ (free, no carrier)
teeth: correct scissor bite
HD: A1, ED: 0, OCD free; COI: 6,4%
Jeffrey lives with Evelin and Daniel and his big brother Mattie where he will be doing search and rescue work and also try other work such as herding, agility and obedience.
He's out of very interesting and versatile bloodlines. Malpaso kennels is known for versatility, for friendly, great working and correct dogs. His pedigree contains champions of all areas: herding, show, agility, performance and versatility. Lots of his ancestors are "legendary" and we are extremely happy to have a great-grandson of Chaps, Walkers father, here with us.
Jeffrey is a very friendly boy, first reserved with strangers but getting cuddly soon. He is dying for work and is very serious for it. I believe he was truly born to work - agile and faaaaaaast (!!) for Agility, very accurate and endurant for Obedience and a strong will and showing much eye for Herding...
Jeff is standing at stud for only a very limited number of females. If you are interested, please send an email:

 swirling brook australian shepherds - familie bodein - email: