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Our way of feeding the dogs: BARF

You sure want to know what BARF means. BARF is the short form of "Bones and Raw Food" what means that we feed everything raw.

Mostly we give chickenrecks, -wings and -backs, turkeynecks, bowels, rumen, sometimes even whole sheep-heads that are truely loved by our dogs. Every second day we give mashed vegetables with good oil and herbes.


"Yum, chickenwing, my favorite!"

It is very important that everything is raw when you give it to your dog, especially no cooked bones.
I think you all have heard the horror stories about dogs being killed by a chicken bone. This is only true for cooked, baked or roasted bones. They become hard and dry out and can be a real hazard for your dog when they break in sharp splinters.
Zoe's first raw meal were raw chickenwings at the age of 12 weeks. She never had problems with eating or digestion.
A normal dog has a concentration of gastric acid then a human. But of course the body only produces this amount when needed. If a dog that only gets normal, easy-digestable dogfood, gets a bone, it will probably have constipations.

That's nothing unusual and after at most one week of daily bones there will be no problems anymore.

The pros of BARF are convincing. I know what my dog eats and it doesn't get "astronaut food". And:

  • shiney coat
  • much less mouth- and bodysmell
  • white teeth
  • small feces that don't smell
  • strong immune system
  • better protection against worms etc.
  • decrease of allergies
  • slow and even growth

Zoe and the sheep head

Of course you can also ask me if you have questions. Just write me an eMail, I'm already looking forward to your mails.

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