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Swirling Brook's Pitcher Plant DNA-VP

Balou's birth was one of those moments you'll never forget. We were sitting next to the litter box as Lynn gave birth to this little guy. Our first thought was: "It's a black one..." But he wasn't - he probably couldn't decide if he wanted to be blue or black so he got a bit of everything ;-)
He is a very nice and dark colored blue-merle male with lots of black and light copper like his mother. Even with only 5 weeks his movement was just stunning and he turned out to be a beautiful and balanced male!
Balou lives with Marianne and her Children close to Munich. Thanks to Marianne for waiting such a long time for your puppy - but I'm sure, Balou was worth it... ;-)
In 2009 Balou got company by his little brother Teddy.
DOB: 02/17/2006
blue-merle c/w, red-factored
eyes: brown; clear
HSF4-cataracts: clear by parentage
height: 53 cm; weight: 23 kg; tail: long, not docked
MDR1: +/+ (free, no carrier)
teeth: correct scissors
CA Sharp Pedigree evaluation, COI: 8,4%
hips: A2 (OFA excellent); elbows: 0 (normal)
Balou has developed into a friendly and easy-going male that gets along well with everything. He also "smiles" a lot! Balou is a close friend and also guardian of his family. He got a lot from both of his parents: the active and playful attitude of his mother Lynn and his cool and easy-going character of his father Walker.
His offspring are very nice and neat little Aussies. They are enthusiastic workers but also have an "off-switch" which is of great importance in normal life. We're really excited on their future development!
Balou is no longer available for stud.
Conformation Shows
Date Host club Judge Place Class
04/23/10 LASC in Neerpelt Lynn Cobb-Conn 4th place Bred By Exhibitor
04/24/10 LASC in Neerpelt Becky de Leon 4th place Bred By Exhibitor

Some of Balou's offspring:

red-merle male
black-tri female
blue-merle female
red-tri female
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