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Pedigree of:

Swirling Brook's Mad Hatter DNA-VP

Blue C/W
Rute: lang
HD: A1, ED: 0
MDR1 +/+
HSF4 Katarakt: frei
DOB: 23.03.2008

4 Bar J Navajo Ghost DNA-VP

Black C/W
Rute: lang/kupiert
HD OFA fair (B1-B2)
MDR1 +/+
HSF4 Katarakt: frei

Intl. CH Fairoaks Crown Point Cougar

Black C/W
OFA good

WTCH Crown Point Ace of Spades RTDcs PATDcs Crown Point Kemo Sabe
Crown Point KK Khyan
Imagineer Fancy Stuff STDcs CH Starstuffs Still Crazy CD STDds
Fairoaks Jami Jo

Overlands Punky DNA-CP

Red Merle C/W
OFA fair

Overland Ghost of Wolfcreek CH Howards Wanagi-ishna Ghosteyes
Overlands Jezabelle
Overlands Raggedy Ann Las Rocosa Apache Arrow of Pura
Las Rocosa Lena Brooks

Lynn von der Lerchenmuehle ASCA DNA-VP VDH BH

Blue C/W
Rute: lang
HD A2, ED 0
MDR1 +/+
HSF4 Katarakt: frei

Touchstone on Eagles Wings DNA-VP

Black C/W RF
Rute: lang

Touchstone Talisman DNA-CP CH Peartree Blue Moon Detv Agency CD
Touchstone Celestial Seasoning
Diamond Aire-Touchstone Lupelu DNA-CP WTCH CH Diamond Aire St Louis Blues CD
Touchstone Fireside Chatter DNA-CP

Touchstone Faith of the Heart DNA-VP

Blue C/W RF
Rute: lang

Silver Birch the Real McCoy DNA-CP CH Hondo of Black Watch/LasRocosa STDcds
Las Rocosa Share the Glory
CH Lakelynds Rock'n The Blu'z DNA-CP Touchstone Brass to Flash
Gefions to Steal a Star